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QA & Automation Solutions

Shaeron offers Quality Assurance Automation Services that enables optimization with simplified routine testing’s. This process improves accuracy when they are precisely done and offer a real-time feedback to both the management and the developers on the quality of the product.

With the growing complexities of software’s, it is a necessity that the software is built keeping in mind a mix of custom developed code and open source tools or components. While there are a number of reasons associated with the increasing complexities one of them is updating frequency. Users expect new and better features on a regular basis thus like earlier times the updates and very frequent.

Here is where team Shaeron participates in evolving your business with support, accelerating the software development and release. With a large team of QA engineers, automation engineers, automated testing, load testing, web services testing tools and many others the team builds management, automation, integration, installation, and configurations.

With a balance between the test automation and the challenges is something that makes Shaeron one of the most reliable and, efficient services provider. Seeking assistance from Shaeron is needed for you if,

  • Your businesses are unable to shorten the innovation cycles.
  • Effective and reliable tests are required without comprising on the quality.
  • You want your businesses technical teams to build automation in testing on new projects and processes.
  • Dependency on management and the automation report generation of all the projects associated with the business.

While working on your goals we offer cost and mission effective test solutions with the use of custom built automaton test.

The life cycle applications are passed through a certain number of levels of testing.

  • Element testing the nominal software system item.
  • Element integration testing that exposes the defects within the interfaces and integration between the integrated parts.
  • Verification of the systems in order to understand the requirements and necessities.
  • With acceptance testing, it enables one to understand whether or not the customer has accepted the product.
  • Once the software is modified by either change n functionality or fixes defects there is a need of a regression test re runs previously passed tests on the modified or changed software.
Most of the business owners understand that the ill effects of lack of trained automation engineers. The efforts one has to put in particularly in a product cycle, the associated prices and need of advanced knowledge. Thus seeking assistance from experts at Shaeron would take away all the associated risks and issues.