Project Management

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Project Management

Team Shaeron implements cost efficient, processes that are industry leading that optimize the projects with minimum risks and enhanced overall values. The tools, network and strong customer service ethics enable team Shaeron to execute the entire project in the estimated costs and time.

The team under the leadership of knowledgeable and experienced leaders that make decisions, precisely predict the project cost and the time lines, manage the design, construct and other key areas are able to meet the clients set expectations.

Our team managers have ample knowledge with regards to market practices and regulations thus,, they are able to offer a wide range of disciplines that comprise of construction management, design, engineering, planning, surveying as well as risk management.

Some of our project management consulting includes,

  • Project review and recovery
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project management maturity advancements
  • Organizational project management
  • Business demand project management
  • Resource management
  • Vendor management
  • Project management methodology implementation
  • Project audits
  • Cost consultancy

Team Shaeron’s goal is to fulfil the contractual commitments and thus possibly succeed the client’s expectations. They cover all the phases from project preparation, planning, execution and closure systematically and at the same time ensure that there is minimal downtime involved.

The deliverables of Shaeron project management consists of,

  • Upfront investment and professionally manage projects start up
  • Technically team and the managers with highest calibre
  • Control and reporting of the project to the clients with complete transparency and accuracy
  • Strong and reliable service supplier management
  • Aligned and systematic project and quality management
  • Use of collaborative tools, frequent meetings and in place project communication management

When it comes to flexibility Shaeron is really to accommodate and meet the required needs.

Strategic and mission inbuilt initiatives

Most of the clients are keen enough to be associated with us when they feel that their projects ae going over budget and is close to project failure.

Assistance in troubles projects

The skilled project managers and technical teams immediately diagnose the problems and start working on the course of corrections and ensuring that the project is back on track.

Skill gaps closure

In some of the areas the people that are already associated may not be able to keep up the proficiency here is where Shaeron offers the solution to covering up the gaps. With better management things definitely have to change for good.

Meeting the demands of high capacity and requirements

Shaeron’s business analyst, project controllers and program managers are readily available to offer all sort help and assistance required when the in-house team is unable to meet the requirements.